Girdwood School Class Wins WetlandsLive! Video Contest

With the help of Matt Kays from the Anchorage Waterways Council, Ms. Hickox’s class at Girdwood Elementary School produced a video for the 2013 WetlandsLive! Video Contest. The video, which is an informative mock-news show about the presence of fecal coliform in Girdwood’s creeks, won 1st prize! In the process of making the video, the students learned  how to test for water quality, what causes contamination in creeks and streams, and ways to prevent further contamination. The youth included a brief Public Service Announcement in their video, asking Girdwood residents to please clean up after their pets!  The students happily received their certificates from the Chugach Children’s Forest and Alaska Geographic at a classroom celebration earlier this month.

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Check out their video here: