Youth-Produced Media from 2014 Expeditions!

Check out these youth-produced videos from this past summer’s Chugach Children’s Forest Expeditions!

This video (produced by expedition documentarian, Molly Schouweiler) shares with us the experiences of three teens on a Habitat Restoration Kayak Expedition. Isabel, Virnessa, and Bryana participated in one of the three kayaking expeditions in Prince William Sound this summer. On the trip, the three worked with other youth from communities across Southcentral Alaska to help the US Forest Service on stewardship projects that included invasive species removal, campsite hardening, and erosion control.


The following two videos were produced by middle school students aboard the Babkin Marine Research Vessel as they participated in the Marine Stewardship Expedition in Prince William Sound. On the trip, youth engaged in hands-on learning about a range of topics including oceanography, plant ecology, fisheries, and issues facing the Sound such as lingering oil from the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill and coastal accumulation of marine debris. Each participant on the trip completed a research project based on what interested them the most during the trip. Some of the students chose to produce multimedia projects such as these below:

Gabe and Shaun produced, “Catch Fish, Not Plastic,” a video about the negative impacts of marine debris on the ocean ecosystem.


In “A, B, Sea,” Nataza shares her discoveries about the ecological diversity in Prince William Sound through these compiled photographs.


Read more about the Babkin Marine Stewardship Expedition here and the Habitat Restoration Kayak Expeditions expeditions here!


These expeditions were made possible by the hard work of our students and support of their families, as well as significant contributions from partners, primarily the Chugach National Forest, Prince William Sound Resource Advisory Committee, Chugach School District, PWSRCAC, Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Gulf of Alaska Keepers, EVOS Trustees Council, Copper River Watershed Project, and REI!