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Connecting Alaskan Youth to Alaska’s Wildest Places

Since 2008, Alaska Geographic, the Chugach National Forest, and a growing network of partners have connected thousands of Alaska’s diverse youth to their national forest and neighboring public lands.

People come from all over the world to experience Alaska’s magnificent landscapes, including the glacier-dominated Chugach National Forest which surrounds the pristine and beautiful Prince William Sound. The boundary of the forest is lies only an hour from Anchorage, yet many children and families lack the resources to participate in life changing experiences in the outdoors.

Youth around Alaska are following the national trend of an ever-growing disconnect with the natural world. This disconnect reduces  the overall health of our population, long-term support for the preservation of public lands, and the sense of place and peace that results from exposure to these beautiful and wild places.

The Chugach Children’s Forest is working to counter this trend by introducing Alaskan youth from a variety of backgrounds to discovery and adventure on our public lands. These youth gain experience and confidence through hands-on stewardship projects conducted in the company of other teens from around the state, youth educators, public lands staff, and other outdoor professionals.

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Your contributions help connect an ever-growing number of Alaska’s youth to the outdoors to help foster the next generation of leaders and stewards for Alaska’s parks, forests, and refuges.

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  • Connect an ever-growing number of youth and communities to Alaska’s cherished parks, forests, and refuges!