The different programs of the Chugach Children’s Forest provide a stair step of opportunities for people to get involved in their public lands—from early introductions to exploring their local parks and forests to intensive research expeditions, internships, school projects, volunteer stewardship programs, degrees, and careers. They are also designed for a variety of audiences—school groups, teachers, community groups, after school programs, students seeking internships and job experience, and mixes of teens from rural and urban communities.

Teachers, students and partners benefit by getting involved in very real and critical issues for Alaska—understanding and addressing climate change and other environmental change; better understanding Alaska’s urban, rural and native communities; helping public lands and their agencies to remain relevant and valuable to local communities; assisting land managers to complete restoration projects.

The Chugach National Forest, Alaska Geographic and our partners benefit by connecting with and better understanding local communities, including the rapidly changing population of Alaska’s urban areas.

The overriding goal is to engage the rich diversity of Alaskans in their public lands for their invaluable perspectives, insights, and commitments as stewards of our shared places.

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