Upcoming Events

Kids Fishing Days

This popular event takes place in various locations throughout the forest. Learn how to tie a fishing knot, bait your hook and all matter of fishing related skills. Kids (and adults) are so passionate about fishing we hold one of our fishing days in the winter, so you can learn how to indulge in angling all year long.

Check the Chugach National Forest calendar of events here.

Calendar of Events

Portage Valley Hikes

On any summer day in Portage Valley, visitors can take part in a guided hike. Take a quick spin around the Moraine Nature Trail to study plant and glacial succession or gear up for a longer trek out to Byron Glacier. Once on the Glacier you’ll hunt for the elusive iceworm. Check in at the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center for the schedule.


Prince William Sound Science Center Day Camps

A week long Science Camp that allows you to explore the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound. Investigate the Chugach Children’s Forest with hikes through the rainforest, canoeing the wetlands of the Copper River Delta, and boating the Sound to witness the abundant sea life and observe glaciers from the water.  http://pwssc.org/educate/