Marine Debris Expedition Film to Show at Alaska Forum on the Environment

rashawne Hooray for Jacob, Jo, and Ethan! Their film What we Found in PWS, documenting their experiences last summer on the week-long Marine Debris Expedition, was selected to be screened at the Alaska Forum on the Environment Film Festival! Join us for the debut at 11:00 am, Friday Feb 8th, at the Dena’ina Convention Center, Tikahtnu D on the 3rd floor.

Other youth/agency partnerships highlighted at AFE include Brianna’s talk on the youth expedition to explore the recent history of Katmai (Tues. Feb 5th, 10:30, Tubughnenq #3) and Mariah and Patrick’s talk on their small mammal project with the NPS in Denali. We are proud of all of you, and of USFS and NPS personnel that worked so hard to include youth in these great opportunities!